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  Atlas Portable Sanitiation Products, We  are proud to be awarded sole distribution rights on this unique set of products.
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Welcome to the Atlas Page of our website. Atlas manufacture plastic portable toilets. We are sole distribution partners for there products in the UK.


The by Atlas manufactured Apollo offers high quality for the user and easy handling for the rental company.

The Apollo is a large and luxurious mobile toilet which offers user both comfort and hygiene. Through years of experience in the toilet-rental business, the Apollo has been fitted out with a wide range of helpful items which make cleaning, placing and up keeping much easier for the rental company.

Specifications: •Height: 2370 mm •Width: 1040 mm •Depth: 1040 mm •Weight: 80 kg •Capacity: 310 Liter •

Available colors: Blue, Water blue and Yellow/Gray

The standard Apollo is outfitted with:

•3 HDPE side panels with advertising possibilities
•Strong double panel door
•Apollo euro connectors for easy assembly
•Slightly curved base for better water disposal
•Angled waste tank with 310 liter capacity
•Toilet seat
•Urinal en toilet paper holder in gray or granite
•Translucent roof
•Ventilation pipe

Additional options for the Apollo:

•Orion of Neptune handwash units
•Recirculation set
•Smart tank for clean water circulation

Pluto 3

The Pluto 3 offers just as his little brother the Pluto 2 an ideal solution for events. Through it's stackable desiign you can transport 4 Pluto 3's instead of 1 mobile toilet in the same place. 4 people can make use of the Pluto 3 at the same time and thanks to the raised walls they will have more privacy.

Specifications: •Height: 1600 mm •Width: 1120 mm •Depth: 1120 mm •Weight: 40 kg •Capacity: 400 Liter •

Available in: Granite

The Pluto 3 comes with:

•Stainless steel security bars
•Plastic seal for vacuümhose entry
•Drainage set

The Pluto3 urinal stand is being used in over 20 countries at special events and in citycentres!


The Hera is a standalone handwash unit for 2 people and is ideal for use at events. Users will receive a good level of hygiene and waiting lines will decrease. The Hera offers it's users a lot of space and the rental company has enough room to add optional soap or paper dispencers.

Specifications: •Height: 1370 mm •Width: 1250 mm •Depth: 600 mm •Weight: 47 kg •
Fresh water Capacity: 162 Litres
Waste water Capacity: 178 Litres

Available in: Granite

The Hera comes with:
•Removable lid
•2 Foot pumps
•Large sink
•Handles for easy stacking
•Room for umbrella in back-to-back set up


Prices on these products fluctuate with the Euro so please call george for latest prices or contact atlas direct on

ATLAS Portable Sanitation b.v. Phone: +31-(0)182-342088 Fax: +31-(0)182-341984 info@atlas-psi.nl




Single Portable Toilet (Optional Sinks Available)



Stackable High Capacity Event Urinals


Twin Handwash (For use with Pluto or high footflow events)

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